Legal profession

My clients have a strong sense of justice, as do you, I’m sure. My work mainly consists of coming up with arguments to legally translate that sense and to determine an effective approach in consultation with you. Litigation is one such option. We often succeed in convincing the other party to steer away from that option. Anything that is in your best interest.

As an experienced lawyer, I know how judges view legal issues. That’s why I believe that instructing a lawyer is of particular added value prior to proceedings or to prevent proceedings. In other words: What should you pay attention to before conducting legal proceedings? Customisation. This starts as early as the contract preparation phase, or at the start of a discussion. Timely consultation with me can save a lot of worries and legal costs. Problems should be prevented as much as possible or at least addressed when they are still manageable.


Employer and employee. Director and works council. Partners. Supplier and customer. Contractor and subcontractor. Everything has been going well for a long time and suddenly, direct consultations are no longer possible. What was good first, is now under threat of escalation. I help those involved to start talking to each other again. Once that bridge is restored, they often turn out to be very capable of resolving things between themselves.

Marc van de Ven

Welcome. I’ve been a lawyer since 1992 and now, I’m also a mediator. My services are particularly popular among businesses, ranging from multinationals to freelancers, but I’m also contacted by private individuals with requests for help about work and income. Directors under the articles of association, managers, production staff. I gladly assist all of them. Are you looking for an experienced, accessible and personal advisor? Feel free to contact me and find out if I suit you or your organisation.

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